5 Essentials for Next Generation Leaders:

     My worship pastor and I are currently reading through the book “Next Generation Leader”, by Andy Stanley.  So far, it’s an incredible tool and we’ve yet to dig deep into it.  I thought I’d break down the 5 essential concepts we must have to become Next Generation Leaders. So here they are…

  • Competence – Channels their energies through what they excel in.
  • Courage – Initiates, sets things in motion, moves forward.
  • Clarity – Must learn to be clear even when he is not certain.
  • Coaching – You may be good, but without a coach you’ll never be as good as you could be.
  • Character – You can lead without character, but you won’t be a leader worth following.

I’ll be posting more about the book as we continue to read. Or if you wanna grab it yourself just click the pic at the top.


If God has gifted you to lead, then lead you will. There’s no stopping you.